quinta-feira, abril 06, 2006

Is this the world we created?

HRW says some 70% of street children in the capital, Kinshasa, are outcasts, after being accused of witchcraft. Specialised pastors perform ceremonies to rid children of evil spirits and they can be held for days without food and sometimes whipped to confess.

Children who are HIV-positive are also susceptible to abuse and abandonment. “Child sorcerers have the power to transmit any disease, including Aids, to their family members,” a pastor of a revival church in Mbuji-Mayi told HRW.

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o anónimo do costume disse...

"We made it all our own"... (genial escolha de título, amigo)

Navel disse...

Yes, it is the world we created. But as I said to nunf the other day about something totally different, one day we'll be in charge (meaning our generation) so I do believe - I have to - that it is in our hands to do things.
"I can change the world with my own two hands", right?
Here's a link for something we can all do:
And remember: "with my own two hands". tralalala :)

M. disse...

There are small gestures we can do to help. Little things, right on our doorstep. No need to drop everything and leave to Africa - eventhough we feel like it when we read and see this kind of things. Hard to kep believing human kind might have a future, isn't it?...