quarta-feira, abril 02, 2008

The Bird

"During the show at San Quentin in 1969, it seemed that everybody that worked for Granada TV was on stage in front of me. At some point, I walked around my microphone and yelled «Clear the stage! I can't see my audience!» Nobody moved. So I gave them «the bird». Hence that picture.
Fast forward to 1999. I was lying in intensive care when I felt a presence in the room. I opened my eyes ans there stood Merle Haggard silently studying me. He bent down, put his hand behind my head, rubbed his forehead against mine and said «you're gonna be alright, Cash». And I am. Thanks for the return visit, Hag."

Johnny Cash
March, 2000

2 comentários:

Abssinto disse...

Se bem que ele tenha errado nas previsões o Haggard falou bem.


(que fotassa!)

Nuno Guronsan disse...

Sim, foi uma pena não termos o Man in black mais uns tempos entre nós... Os últimos discos dele são algo quase divino...

Forte abraço!