sexta-feira, novembro 27, 2009

The Human Stain

"Wish I were. Would have preferred to be one. Oh, yes, absolutely. No two ways about that. Much prefer to be a crow. They don't have to worry about moving to get away from anybody or anything. They just move. They don't have to pack anything. They just go. When they get smashed by something, that's it, it's over. Tear a wing, it's over. Break a foot, it's over. A much better way than this. Maybe I'll come back as one. What was I before that I came back as this? I was a crow! Yes! I was one! And I said, "God, I wish I was that big-titted girl down there," and I got my wish, and now, Christ, do I want to go back to my crow status. My status crow. Good name for a crow. Status. Good name for anything black and big. Goes with the strut. Status."

Philip Roth

4 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Mais um livro para me emprestares?



Nuno Guronsan disse...

Assim que o acabar, sim, porque não?

cal...formerly known as calamity disse...

nem todos nascemos para ser anjos da victória. alguns somos mesmo só «corvinhos negros» :)

Miss Kin disse...

Excelente livro, li-o de um fôlego!