domingo, janeiro 15, 2012


"So many people don't make it this far, and I would think they have the same appreciation for music and a drive to make music and create music and record music and share music. But somehow their bands weren't able to stay together. I think the one thing that could be missing for them is communication and understanding of each other. At some point, some of that stuff becomes unspoken. There's a communication which is unspoken, and that's the good stuff which enables you to keep going farther with it. I think the main thrust of this whole deal for us has been to continue recording, continue writing, continue on this journey. When you get married, you don't want to get married after two dates or three dates or whatever, especially to four other people. But we got in that relationship pretty quick. And we appreciate that these relationships are what keep the music going and the songs coming. That's more important than anything."

Eddie Vedder

(thank you for always being an inspiration.)

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