sexta-feira, junho 22, 2007


"Why must he mistrust his life just when he was more its master than he'd been in years? Why should he imagine himself on the edge of extinction when calm, straightforward thinking told him that there was so much more solid life to come? Yet it happened every night during their seaside walk beneath the stars. He was not flamboyant or deformed or extreme in any way, so why then, at his age, should he be haunted by thoughts of dying? He was reasonable and kindly, an amicable, moderate, industrious man, as everyone who knew him well would probably agree, except, of course, for the wife and two boys whose household he'd left and who, understandably, could not equate reasonableness and kindliness with his finally giving up on a failed marriage and looking elsewhere for the intimacy with a woman that he craved."

Philip Roth

4 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

o grande roth, em todo o seu esplendor.
o que equivale a dizer: o homem minúsculo, em todo o seu mistério.
este belíssimo - e profundíssimo -trecho levaria uma noite das antigas a 'discutir'. uma daquelas conversas que começam 'aqui' e acabam sabe-se lá 'onde', dentro de nós.
grande malha, se me permites o calão.
um abraço.

Nuno Guronsan disse...

Permito, permito!
Eu até diria, grande malha de comentário...
Um forte abraço, Gi.

Ms D. disse...

Vejo que também te encantaste :)


Nuno Guronsan disse...

Assim aconteceu, minha querida, e até posso dizer que em parte por tua "culpa" e do teu onboard reading...